AI systems should also be developed in a way that facilitates human development, rather than obstructing or endangering it and, if required, boundaries on certain uses may be required.

Ethics by design: Canada adopts AI ethics and data protection declaration by Lisa R. Lifshitz, in Canadian Lawyer, Dec 10, 2018.

Political parties should adopt a code of conduct for digital campaigning to increase digital media literacy and to avoid being gamed by bots.

Towards the responsible use of bots in politics by Fenwick Mckelvey & Elizabeth Dubois, in Policy Options, Nov 23, 2017

Shortly after the COVID-19 outbreak, we began getting questions about the AI workforce.

After the U.S. COVID-19 Outbreak, AI Job Growth Slows by Zichun Jenny Ying, in Linkedin, June 15, 2020

The strain that the COVID-19 pandemic has put on our society is being felt at every level: from closed businesses, to economic distress, to schools grappling with online classes, to people isolated at home.

Mapping the landscape of artificial intelligence applications against COVID-19, By Felicia Vacarelu, in Global Pulse, March 26, 2020