Welcome to the AI in IR Project

We have built (and are constantly improving) the world’s first index dedicated to Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its role in International Relations (IR). This website indexes the latest research and current affairs developments in AI and other technologies and their impact on IR topics.

Our project has the following thematic areas:

  • AI Policy (featuring developments in AI policy and ethics by the leading countries and international governmental bodies in the AI space such as China, the EU, and the US)
  • Tech and Science Diplomacy (featuring currents in tech and science diplomacy)
  • Global AI Economics (featuring studies and current affairs on global AI economics, focusing on trade, FDI and tech transfer)
  • War (featuring stories of applications of AI in military affairs and the dilemmas they pose)
  • 4IR (featuring studies on trends related to the onset of the fourth industrial revolution)
  • Opinion (featuring think pieces by thought leaders in the two fields and their related areas of inquiry)
  • Services (where we will list our variety of free educational services, including supervision directory for pre-doctoral and other postgraduate projects on the converging topics, and classroom activities and ideas to teach AI and IR related concepts to your students)


Can Big Data Predict the 2020 US Election? Check out this video where we try to predict the 2020 US presidential election using Big Data: